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American Independence JAForlines Global Tactical Allocation

JAForlines Global Tactical Allocation ProspectusJAForlines Global Tactical Allocation Summary ProspectusJAForlines Global Tactical Allocation Q3 2017 Fact SheetJAForlines Global Tactical Allocation Annual ReportJAForlines Global Tactical Allocation Semi-Annual ReportJAForlines Global Tactical Allocation SAIJAForlines Global Tactical Allocation XBRL

American Independence Hillcrest Small Cap Value

Hillcrest Small Cap Value ProspectusHillcrest Small Cap Value Summary ProspectusHillcrest Small Cap Value Q3 2017 Fact SheetHillcrest Small Cap Value Annual ReportHillcrest Small Cap Value Semi-Annual ReportHillcrest Small Cap Value SAIHillcrest Small Cap Value XBRL

American Independence U.S. Inflation-Protected

U.S. Inflation-Protected ProspectusU.S. Inflation-Protected Summary ProspectusU.S. Inflation-Protected Q3 2017 Fact SheetU.S. Inflation-Protected Annual ReportU.S. Inflation-Protected Semi-Annual ReportU.S. Inflation-Protected SAIU.S. Inflation-Protected XBRL

American Independence Carret Core Plus

Carret Core Plus ProspectusCarret Core Plus Summary ProspectusCarret Core Plus Q3 2017 Fact SheetCarret Core Plus Annual ReportCarret Core Plus Semi-Annual ReportCarret Core Plus SAICarret Core Plus XBRL

American Independence Kansas Tax-Exempt Bond

Kansas Tax-Exempt Bond ProspectusKansas Tax-Exempt Bond Summary ProspectusKansas Tax-Exempt Bond Q3 2017 Fact SheetKansas Tax-Exempt Bond Annual ReportKansas Tax-Exempt Bond Semi-Annual ReportKansas Tax-Exempt Bond SAIKansas Tax-Exempt Bond XBRL

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